Monday, April 12, 2010

Arnold Arboretum

Enjoyed a bit of solitude. It's always nice to get away from things. Felt so blissful after an hour or so walking around.

Never quite know what to think of these vine trees. The vine basically parasitically grows up an existing tree and slowly kills it until the vine is the tree. In Ghana there were really beautiful trees where the host tree had completely rotted away and one could stand inside the leftover gap and look up the entire height of the tree. You can see the dying tree in the second picture below.

This tree was a forest of its own. Really amazing. I def have a thing for trees you can get inside. There was a 'clearing' in the middle of its 'trunk'... Something about the reversal of space is just really interesting.

Eventually went and laid down in the grass under some of the blooming trees. The mother bird belonging to that nest kept cooing at me.. Eventually flew from the nest and sat on a branch right over my face.... at which point I became terrified of being pooped on and fled the scene.