Monday, October 19, 2009

[2] Does God lead people into temptation?

[I always thought it would be good to take all of the hard questions about Christianity that I encounter and think about and actually write down my responses to them so that I have a record of them that I can look back to if I ever encounter the question again. Here's the beginning.]

Q: In the book of Luke, Chapter 4, Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit in the desert where the devil tempted him. Doesn't it seem wrong for the Holy Spirit (and therefore God) to lead Christ into temptation? Isn't that like being complicit with the temptation?

A: The answer to this question lies in looking at the assumptions in the question itself. The question assumes that it is bad to be tempted. This is not necessarily true. It is not a sin to be tempted (we all are at some point or another); it is only a sin to fall into temptation by actually giving in to what the temptation is asking from us. In 1 Corinthian 10:13 it says that God is faithful and doesn't let his people be tempted beyond what they can bear. It does not say that God does not allow his people to be tempted. In the case where God leads Jesus (or Job, for that matter) into temptation, He must know that they will be able to bear the temptation and that in the end, it will be for His glory and their strengthening.

A question in response could be, “If a person allowed an enemy to carry out a plan that he knew could and would be foiled in the end, would he be complicit with the enemy by allowing the plan to unfold?” Thinking further... “What if the carrying out of the plan in combination with the foiling of it would actually allow the people on the “good” side a greater victory in the end?”

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Usually it's pretty hard to really think about how I've changed as a person over the years, but once in a while I'll hear a song that used to speak straight to my heart... that I can't relate to so well anymore, and then it's obvious.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's always good being somewhere where I'm not always right on the first try, because it means this place actually has something to offer me that I do not already know; but, it also makes life a lot harder.

Also, am I actually learning or am I just being brainwashed towards the incredibly strong biases of the instructors here?